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Hello Cakey Friends!!!

My name is Shannon, and I would like to welcome you to my cake diary and blog…

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For those of you who know me well, this will come as NO surprise… 😲


I absolutely LOVE…

Making Memories with Custom Cakes! ❤️

Yeah, yeah, yeah… I know I say this ALL THE TIME!!! But it is soooooooooo true!!!

And for those of you who are wondering who I am, why I do what I do, and how I do it…

Well since you asked so nicely, I’ll tell you… 😉

So grab a drink, get comfy, and buckle up! By the end of this page, you will probably agree that the nickname “Crazy Cake Lady” fits me pretty well! 😜


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Who am I?

Like many of you, I spent many years working for “the man.” I mostly worked in the areas of bookkeeping, customer service, and middle management. I also dabbled a bit with graphics and working with kids, both of which were hard work but very FUN. ❤️  Oh, and all I knew about cake at this point was that I like to eat it LOL!!! 😜

Not too long ago, I decided to take some time off work to regroup. I felt like I had lost my personal mojo… I was exhausted and grumpy all the time. Nothing seemed to make me happy. Thankfully my hubby agreed that I needed a break!!! So I “retired” from my office job and embarked on a one-year hiatus.

Little did I know that only a few months later something would happen that would change my entire life…


The Little Things in Life Make the Biggest Difference - Caking with All4Fun Cakes Blog



Why do I do what I do?

Let me tell you a little tale that goes like this…

Once upon a time, there was a queen and a king with many cars. One day, after his kingly duties were done, the king came back to their castle and said the car he was driving broke on the way home. Well, it didn’t technically BREAK, but something was definitely wrong. ☹️

So the queen took it to her favorite mechanics, who spent all day trying to figure out what the problem was. Since they couldn’t pinpoint the exact problem and promise that it wouldn’t happen again, they didn’t charge the queen nearly as much as she was expecting. Even knowing this was most likely due to the fact that they were frequent patrons, the queen went home and hatched a crazy idea that would help to express her deep gratitude for such fealty. 😊

With a cake mix and several cans of frosting, some decorative sprinkles and fun-size snickers, and waaaaaaaay more love than knowledge, the queen made her very first custom cake…


The fun cake that started it all by All4Fun Cakes


The faithful mechanics beheld the queen’s handiwork with awe and wonder… For you see, she had created a miniature version of their workplace in great detail.


The fun cake that started it all by All4Fun Cakes
My very first custom cake (February 2015)


The building, the bushes, the sign, and the parking lot filled with little replicas of the king and queen’s vehicles…


The fun cake that started it all by All4Fun Cakes
My very first custom cake (February 2015)


It was all there along with a special message across the roof for all to see…


The fun cake that started it all by All4Fun Cakes
My very first custom cake (February 2015)


And so it began…

For on that day (February 2015) the queen discovered a hidden desire to create edible works of art with cake. She craved the knowledge needed to improve her skills and scoured the lands of YouTube and Google. And as the queen learned much in her search through many blogs, tutorials and videos, the king noticed that his queen was HAPPY… In fact, she was so happy and excited that he encouraged her to start her very own business. Being an in-for-a-penny, in-for-a-pound sort of queen, she started a company within the year.

With her kitchen licensed and orders galore, she started a website to market some more. And to share what she’s learned, like many before her have done, she began a cake diary… a blog that is FREE for everyone! There are pictures and videos, and silly songs too… For Queen Shannon believes that life should be FUN!!! ❤️ So SUBSCRIBE today… What say you?


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Why start a blog?

The fairy tale you just read is 100% true, and I’m still having the time of my life! The entire purpose for starting this blog of my cake journey is to give back to the caking community. For the first year, I only looked at FREE blogs, FREE YouTube videos, and FREE picture tutorials. It was unbelievable how much information was available for FREE!!! 😍 I felt truly blessed to learn soooooooooo much from soooooooooo many wonderful people who were willing to share what they had learned.

And although I still have MUCH to learn, I am feeling the need to share what I know with you… But don’t expect a completely conventional blog! I freely admit that I’m a complete dork and total spaz most of the time. And in case you didn’t catch on just yet… I like to have FUN!!! ❤️

So if you like to laugh until your tummy hurts and your eyes water, you will fit right in! If you like to learn by watching someone make cakes and cake decorations, then this blog should be right up your alley.

My goal is to share techniques with you that you can recreate at home!

‘Cause let’s face it… If I can do this, so can you! 😘


How do I do it?

That’s really what you want to know, right?!?!?!? I have had so many people ask me how I do what I do. So if you SUBSCRIBE and follow this blog, you will see that I use videos, pictures and words to share how I do what I do with you! 😍

With knowledge and practice, you too can make really FUN cakes!!! ❤️


Sculpted Purple Pony Birthday Cake - All4Fun Cakes
Sculpted Purple Pony Birthday Cake by All4Fun Cakes (September 2016)


There are many mediums available for cake decorating… Various types of buttercream, ganache, modeling chocolate, candy melts, gumpaste, fondant, and more.

As you will see, I incorporate many of these in my designs. But when it comes to creating cake decorations, my personal preference is definitely fondant. I make my own LMF Marshmallow Fondant, and it tastes ❤️ NUMMY!!! ❤️

**VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Liz Marek, the mastermind behind Sugar Geek Show and Artisan Cake Company. She shares her recipe freely, and boy am I glad!!!**


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