Five Dessert Ideas – Themes and Events


Choose Your Party Theme

Seriously… ANY theme you can possibly imagine! 😍

And I’ll make you a custom dessert that will amaze your guests! 🤩

Don’t believe me? 😲

Check this out! 😉  


During January 2018’s NW WedPro Meeting, I created FIVE custom desserts that would also serve as the centerpieces for each of our FIVE themed tables. Each dessert was carefully designed and created specifically for this event.

Of course they had to taste fantastic…  😋

Aaaaand look fabulous… 👀😍

But that wasn’t enough. We wanted more! 😜

Sooooooooooooo, Pam and Brittany from Two Girls Catering (aka my partners-in-crime 😎), with the help of Barclay Event Rentals, created FIVE dazzling stages to showcase each of my FIVE edible masterpieces. 😍


NW WedPro 01-24-18 - All4Fun Cakes - Two Girls Catering - Barclay Events - Photography by Cambrae


The Fun Begins

Pam from Two Girls Catering is also the venue coordinator of the Grand Ballroom at Oregon City Elks Lodge and my personal friend. We work together as often as possible, and we have been accused (on more than one occasion) of having waaaaaaaaaaay too much fun with our collaborations! 😜

I was happy when she asked me to provide the desserts, and I was thrilled when she asked if we could do something other than cupcakes… Now don’t get me wrong, my cupcakes are out-of-this-world, but we’ve done them for past meetings and wanted something with an extra WOW factor this time around. 🤩

So we sat down to talk about our ideas and formulate a plan. Since we both ❤ LOVE ❤ what we do, when the ideas start to flow back and forth we tend to get pretty excited… 🤗

But that’s when the FUN really begins! 😉

Five Tables

Knowing that we needed to provide seating for approximately 35-40 people, we decided to set up FIVE tables. This is where we ran into a little bit of a dilemma. We had oodles of ideas about how to decorate them. There are so many beautiful colors, amazing patterns, and magnificent themes available… 😵

In fact, there are so many that we couldn’t choose just ONE! 🙃

And it was crunch time…

We had to make a decision… 🤔

So we narrowed our list of ideas…

And whittled it down some more… 📝

Until we were left with FIVE ideas that we just weren’t willing to cross off the list.

And that’s when it happened! 😲

Instead of choosing ONE idea for the event, we decided to assign a separate theme to each table. GENIUS!!! 🤩

Five Themes

Here are the FIVE themes we loved the most… I hope you love them too!!! ❤

#1: Be My Valentine ❤

Velvet Majesty Parfaits
Red Velvet Cake, Cheesecake Mousse & Whipped Cream


#2: Western Cowboy 🤠

Gluten-Free Sinful Decadence
Chocolate Cake, Caramel Buttercream and Marshmallow Fondant


#3: Simple Elegance 💖

Sugar-Free Almond Amaretto
Almond Cake, Amaretto Mousse & Almond/Amaretto Buttercream with Edible Rose Gold Flakes


#4: Mardi Gras 🎉

Pure Heaven
White Chocolate Cake, Lemon Fruit Filling, White Chocolate Buttercream and Marshmallow Fondant
Hand-Crafted Sugar Mask Topper with Feathers and Matching Beaded Stand


#5: Flamingo 😍

Sculpted Cherry Chip Sublime
Cherry Chip Cheesecake Cake, Cherry Cheesecake Mousse Filling, Cheesecake Buttercream & Fondant


And the Magic Number is…

FIVE Tables…

FIVE Themes…

FIVE Desserts…

Oh… Did I mention that all FIVE desserts were designed, baked, assembled, decorated and delivered in just FIVE days.

Yup, that’s right… No rest for the wicked! 😜

Making Memories

Are YOU planning a wedding or special event? Well now you know that you can count on All4Fun Cakes to create a custom dessert (or FIVE) that will create lasting memories for you and all your guests. 😊

Whether you want something rustic, elegant, or wild and crazy, I would ❤ LOVE ❤ to provide you with an amazing dessert. So choose your theme, set your date, and contact me with the details.

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Until next time…

Loving life, having fun, and Making Memories with Custom Cakes 


Professional Credits 😘

All4Fun Cakes had the opportunity to work with some absolutely AMAZING vendors during the January 2018 NW WedPro Meeting.

Let me take a moment to introduce you:

-Two Girls Catering-

Oh boy… where do I start?!?!? Thank you for hosting the meeting at the Oregon City Elks Grand Ballroom. And let’s not forget the delicious food you and your team provided (as always!). But most of all… I want to thank you for always embracing my crazy and creative idiosyncrasies! The tables you designed to showcase my cakes were absolutely stunning. I could not have asked for anything more.

-Barclay Event Rentals-

Thank you for providing the beautiful linens, flatware, utensils, glassware, and table decor needed to create a perfect stage for each my cakes.

-Photography by Cambrae-

Thank you so very much for the amazing pictures!

-NW WedPro-

Special thanks to Amber (our awesome and fearless leader) and all the great members of this amazing group of wedding professionals.

If you click any of these links and make a purchase, I will get a small percentage of the purchase price for being an Amazon Affiliate – so Thank You! 🙂

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