Haunted House Part 3: Roof Shingles


Roof Shingles

Welcome to Part Three of my Haunted House Cake Tutorial Series. 🏚️

Haunted House Cake Tutorial Part 3 - Roof Shingles by Caking with All4Fun Cakes

And just in time for HALLOWEEN!!! 🎃

There are four parts in all, so be sure to watch all of them!

Haunted House Cake Tutorial – Part Three

In this blog post and video tutorial,
I will be sharing how I created the Roof Shingles for my husband’s Haunted House Sculpted Birthday Cake. 

Haunted House Sculpted Birthday Cake by All4Fun Cakes

And since they were made with my super tasty LMF Marshmallow Fondant, they were a BIG hit at the party!

Well, let’s get started…

Here is a list of the things you will need:

Tools and Supplies




CHIMNEY (not shown)


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Haunted House Cake Tutorial Part 3 Roof Shingles by Caking with All4Fun Cakes
Make your own fondant roof shingles 🙂

Easy Instructions

In addition to the video tutorial, here are the written instructions. 🙂


  • Attach feet to bottom of board (approx 3/4″ from each corner)
  • Draw a pattern of your intended layout (location of cake, trees, pathway, etc.)
  • Attach cake to board with melted chocolate
  • Secure cake to board by piping melted chocolate around the cake
  • Place cake in refrigerator to chill



MAKE CHIMNEY (not shown in video)

ATTACHING SHINGLES (below chimney)

  • Apply water to solid edge only (leave scallop edge dry)
  • Start from bottom with scallop edge down and hanging over edge
  • Attach two rows of black shingles, overlapping each row for a staggered pattern
  • Attach one row of orange shingles
  • Roll out purple fondant
  • Cut a 3/4″ – 1″ wide strip long enough to go around the cake with pizza cutter or X-Acto knife
  • Attach purple strip above orange scallops to hide ganache
  • Attach more black shingles – stop when you reach chimney area


ATTACHING SHINGLES (below chimney)

  • Attach MORE black shingles – cut apart and place one or two at a time
  • Trim shingles to fit around chimney
  • Add shingles all the way to the top
  • Trim top of shingles flat with scissors
  • Roll out small amount of black fondant


  • Use circle cutter to make five round shingles
  • Attach round shingles directly over roof crown, starting from the outside edges

Your ROOF is complete…

Place cake in refrigerator to chill and take a bow! 🙂

Now we can move on to the video…

Video Tutorial: Haunted House Cake – Part 3 Roof Shingles

How did you like that spooky background music? Special thanks to Adultz94 for allowing me to use his Creepy Haunted House Organ Music!🏚️

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One more to go…

Your very own Haunted House Cake is almost complete! All that’s left is to decorate the creepy cake board, create some floating bats & ghosts, and finish assembling everything.

Be sure to watch all four videos in this series:

Until next time! 🙂

Loving life, having fun, and Making Memories with Custom Cakes ❤️


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