Haunted House Part 2: Windows and Siding


Windows and Siding

Welcome to Part Two of my Haunted House Cake Tutorial Series. 🏚️

Haunted House Cake Tutorial Part 2 - Windows and Siding by Caking with All4Fun Cakes

And just in time for HALLOWEEN!!! 🎃

There are four parts in all, so be sure to watch all of them!

Haunted House Cake Tutorial – Part Two

In this blog post and video tutorial,
I will be sharing how I created the Windows and Siding for my husband’s Haunted House Sculpted Birthday Cake. 

Haunted House Sculpted Birthday Cake by All4Fun Cakes

And since they were made with my super tasty LMF Marshmallow Fondant, they were a BIG hit at the party!

Well, let’s get started…

Here is a list of the things you will need:

Tools and Supplies


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Easy Instructions

In addition to the video tutorial, here are the written instructions. 🙂


  • Download, Print and Cut out Windows and Door from Templates (see TEMPLATE #2 and TEMPLATE #3 below)
  • Place wax paper on a board (anything that will NOT bend – I used a large cutting board)
  • Roll out yellow fondant, place templates on top of yellow fondant and cut fondant shapes with pizza cutter or X-Acto knife
  • Smooth edges of fondant shapes, place them on the wax paper, and set aside to dry


  • Make window cross-panes with black fondant, extruder, pointed sugar shaper, water and brush – set aside to dry
  • Attach yellow fondant front door with water and brush


  • Roll out purple fondant, cut 1″ strips with ribbon cutter (or ruler with pizza cutter/X-Acto knife)
  • Start attaching the strips at the bottom with water and brush, moving up in slightly overlapping rows to create the appearance of siding – stop at roof line
  • Attach one strip to the bottom of the overhanging roof section using sugar shaper or ball tool
  • Cut a piece of brown fondant and attach to the cake card protruding from under the front of the cake with water and brush
  • Use dresden tool to create lines (aka boards)



  • Roll out an orange fondant rope and attach around the door with water and brush
  • Use extruder and black fondant to make a skinny rope, attach between yellow door and orange door frame with water and brush

Now put the cake back in the refrigerator to chill until we are ready for PART 3: ROOF SHINGLES (coming soon!).

Templates Available for Download

Door and Windows:

NOTE: The two side windows were duplicates of the smallest front window.

Haunted House Sculpted Cake Template Front - Caking with All4Fun Cakes
TEMPLATE #2: Front of House for Door and Windows
Haunted House Sculpted Cake Template Back - Caking with All4Fun Cakes
TEMPLATE #3: Back of House for Windows

Now we can move on to the video…

Video Tutorial: Haunted House Cake – Part 2 Windows and Siding

How did you like that spooky background music? Special thanks to Adultz94 for allowing me to use his Creepy Haunted House Organ Music! 🏚️

I hope you found the techniques in this tutorial fun, easy-to-follow and helpful. Don’t forget to subscribe so you will be the first to know when a new post is available!

Are you having fun yet?

I sure hope so! I had a total blast making this Haunted House Cake, so I know you will too!

And be sure to watch all four videos in this series:

Until next time! 🙂

Loving life, having fun, and Making Memories with Custom Cakes ❤️


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